Schools & Universities

Gotta Go Trailways provides a broad range of transportation services to Schools & Universities, including:

  • College Tours

  • Commuter Bus Shuttles – from dorms to campus, customized route from points in the city to campus.

  • Inter Campus Shuttles

  • All Sporting Events – take teams to the airport or rival schools (provide transport for visiting teams as well)

  • Game Day Bus Shuttles – take public from parking lots to and from the venue

  • Airport Transfers

  • Field Trips                                                                                                           


As Universities populations grow while resources contract, cost-effective, eco-friendly transportation solutions become vital for success. Gotta Go Trailways Management Services can help planners assess:

  • Safety and security of transportation systems

  • Interrelationships among transportation, land use, the environment, and the economy

  • Financing of both public and private sector transportation improvements

  • Transportation decision-making and consensus building

  • Transportation planning and policy development

  • Intermodal connectivity and integration

  • Sustainability of transportation systems



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