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Gotta Go Tours by Patti is a tour company affiliated with Gotta Go Trailways that focuses on group travel and receptive tour of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico. Since 1993 we have been organizing and conducting tours not only for our individual client base, but as well for numerous groups, bank clubs, health organizations and churches. Our expertise of the Texas region has been recognized by several Texas cities, convention and visitors bureaus and we have been honored by designing Teas tours for our international guests.

Gotta Go Tours by Patti has remained a Small Group Tour and Receptive Tour Operator with the purpose to customize and put that personal touch on each and every tour we develop. Our company is dedicated and committed to making your travel experiences with us memories you will cherish. Many of our clients have been traveling with Pattie for 20+ years, thus the development of many friendships have been made.

Gotta Go Tours by Patti balances tours with fun, educational, and cultural experiences. We promote and create tours which travel throughout the U.S., Canada, and the world. Hotel and restaurant services are provided on our tours are primarily four and five star properties. Gotta Go Tours by Patti is dedicated to providing professional service, professional tour guides, personal attention, and memorable experiences. Characterized by dedication, hard work, and research you can expect the very best.

We are in the business of serving people and our staff is a group of caring individuals who work hard to make your every experience with Gotta Go Tours by Patti pleasant ones. We take pride in packaging a worry free, uniquely designed tour with that special touch. We hope you join us and discover, “The Fun Way to Go.”


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